Chromite sand AFS40-45 for No bake process

Chromite sand AFS40-45 for No bake process


Chromite sand AFS40-45(40-70mesh)is a commonly used foundry sand for the resin No-bake process. Resin no-bake sand is generally a casting molding method for foundry. In this process, the furan resin is added to the original sand for mixing. And then the molding sand can self-harden without heating or adding air. This casting process does not require high equipment requirements, has high casting accuracy, and is widely used. However, the resin No-bake process has high requirements for the original sand. Especially for the recycling and reuse of casting sand. It requires high requirements for the hardness, strength, particle size, acid consumption value, etc. of the original sand.

Chromite sand AFS40-45 has obvious advantages in the furan resin no-bake sand casting process:

1. High fire resistance and excellent thermal performance.
The pouring temperature of alloy castings is high, and silicon sand cannot meet the usage requirements. Chromite sand, on the other hand, has a high refractory temperature and high sintering temperature, with a sintering temperature above 1800 ° C, thus possessing significant high-temperature resistance advantages.
2. Chemical neutrality.
After cleaning, the chrome iron ore sand has a neutral pH value and good chemical inertness. Therefore, chromite ore sand will not react with furan resin due to impurities in the original sand. It can prevent defects in chemical sand bonding.
3. Adhesion and collapsibility.
The sand particles of foundry chrome ore sand are spherical in shape and have a high surface finish, which helps to bond the original sand with furan resin. Meanwhile, the original sand has good collapsibility and is easy to clean and regenerate.
4. The moisture content, turbidity, and acid consumption value of the raw sand have a significant impact on the strength of resin no-bake sand.
After washing, demagnetizing, and drying, chromite sand AFS40-45 has the characteristics of low moisture content, low turbidity, and low acid consumption value, which is beneficial for improving the strength of molding sand.
5. Strong volume stability.
Chromite sand has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and strong thermal conductivity, which helps to leverage the advantages of furan resin no-bake sand in improving casting accuracy.


6. Chromite ore sand has high strength, which is beneficial for the recovery of raw sand.


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