Is chromite sand a Recycled molding sand?

Molding chromite sand has high mechanical strength and high refractory temperature. It can be recycled and reused in casting processes such as coated sand and self hardening sand.
There are two types of recycling and regeneration of chromite sand in steel casting.

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The foundry applications of Chromite Sand

Chromite ore is a type of spinel ore containing chromium oxide, iron oxide, and small amounts of silicon and calcium. After breaking into small particles, it becomes sandy and is also known as chromite sand. Cr2O3 content min 46% chromite sand is for foundry. Due to its high refractory temperature, fast thermal conductivity and cooling rate, solid-state sintering, and low coefficient of expansion, chromite sand is considered a good casting sand and surface sand for steel castings.

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What is the Acid Demand Value (ADV) of Foundry chromite sand ?

Usually, the PH value of foundry chromite sand is measured to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the original sand. The PH value of chromite sand is usually between 7-9. However, The PH value can only reflect the content of acid-base substances that are soluble in water. For insoluble acid-base substances such as calcium carbonate, they can react with acidic substances such as hydrochloric acid. Therefore, the ADV reflects the impurity content in the original sand that is insoluble in water but can react with acid-base substances.

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New plant of Chromite sand in Tianjin Port

Since the second quarter of 2024, the demand for imported chromium ore sand in South Africa has been increasing, and domestic foundries are facing a shortage of raw materials. In addition, the South African route to Tianjin port is more convenient. Our company has recently built two new plants of chromite sand at Tianjin Port in China to quickly process and produce South African imported chromite sand.

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325mesh chromite powder for Embroidered glass beads pigment

325mesh chromite powder for Embroidered glass beads pigment is a coloring agent for green, coffee, brown, and brown glass. Chromite powder, also known as chrome ore powder, is generally 325 mesh-0. 325 mesh chromite powder is produced from 46% chromium content chromite ore sand through 24-hour ball milling and grinding. 97% of the 325 mesh chromite powder particles are below 45 microns.

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Technical indicators of alkali phenolic resin No-bake sand chromite granule AFS50-55

For steel castings with complex structures, manual coating of chromium ore sand on the surface of the castings can greatly improve the accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece. For example, for large cylinder castings with complex structures, use alkali phenolic resin no-bake sand technology. In this process, mix the resin with chromite granule AFS50-55. It can reduce sand sticking and cracks in the castings, and achieve ideal application results.

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