Chromite sand as foundry chilling sand

Chromite sand is a non-metallic mineral product with an iron content of about 25%. The main component is chromium oxide. Chromite sand has the characteristics of high sintering temperature and strong thermal conductivity. Therefore, chromite sand can be used as chilling sand in complex castings that are difficult to shrink, or in the flow channels and hot spots inside castings. Chromite sand working as chilling sand can shorten the cooling time of castings. In the meantime, it can intervene in the cooling sequence between different parts of castings. Especially for large thick wall steel castings and ball-milled cast iron castings, chromite sand improves the density and mechanical properties of castings.

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Chromite Sand AFS40-45 and Chromite Powder 200# Powder for Magnesium Chromium Castables

Magnesium-based castables have good slag resistance and corrosion resistance to molten steel. It is usually used in key parts such as slag lines of high-grade steel ladles. However, magnesium sand itself has a thermal expansion coefficient of up to, poor thermal shock resistance, and low anti-stripping ability. Chromite sand AFS40-45 and chromite powder 200 # fine powders are usually added as auxiliary materials in magnesium chromium castables to improve the thermal shock resistance and service life of magnesium-based refractory materials.

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Foundry chromite ore sand AFS40-45 for Train axlebox casting

Foundry chromite ore sand AFS40-45 is suitable for train axlebox casting production.Train axlebox casting is an important component of the train axle, with built-in journals and other components. The railway axlebox also needs to withstand loads and has the function of storing axle oil. The axle box bearing housing and axle box should be tightly fitted to prevent oil leakage, dust, and rainwater from entering. The axlebox is usually made of cast iron or cast steel material, with high strength and complex structure.

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Chromite sand AFS25-30 for lost foam casting

Chromite sand AFS25-30 gets a particle range of 0.4-0.8mm. It always works for lost foam casting process for Casting steel and Casting Iron such as mechanical parts. There are several advantages of casting chromite sand AFS25-30:

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Chromite sand AFS 40-45 for Casting Chilling Material

Chromite sand AFS 40-45 is a quick chilling material with high refractory temperature and excellent thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the casting of cast iron, it is necessary to prevent cold iron from being replenished outside the casting to prevent expansion and deformation of the cast iron after pouring.

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