Chromite sand AFS 40-45 for Casting Chilling Material

Chromite sand AFS 40-45 for Casting Chilling Material

Chromite sand AFS 40-45 is a quick chilling material with high refractory temperature and excellent thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the casting of cast iron, it is necessary to prevent cold iron from being replenished outside the casting to prevent expansion and deformation of the cast iron after pouring.

Chromite sand is a good chilling material, here are several advantages:

1. Chromite sand can effectively prevent shrinkage defects that occur during the cooling process of castings. During the casting process, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the material, defects such as shrinkage and porosity occur on the surface and inside of the casting. Using chromite sand to fill the outside of the casting film can compensate for the deformation caused by expansion, and improve the compactness and strength of the casting.
2. Chromite sand AFS40-45 has good fluidity and wettability. During the casting process, chromium ore sand can be uniformly filled into the mold of casting. That will help the casting iron surface smooth.
3. Chromite sand can resist high temperatures at 1800 degrees. During the pouring process of ductile iron castings, chromite sand can withstand high temperatures and high-pressure environments. Meanwhile, chromite sand has chemical stability. It does not react with iron at high temperatures. It can prevent chemical sand from sticking to castings.
4. Chromite sand has strong thermal conductivity. Using chromium ore sand in special areas such as thick walls of castings is beneficial for adjusting the solidification sequence of castings.
5. The thermal expansion coefficient of chromite sand is small. Although materials such as cast steel and graphite have strong thermal conductivity, their coefficient of thermal expansion is several times higher than that of chromium ore. To minimize the expansion deformation of castings, chromite sand is a good choice.

Overall, chromite sand AFS40-45 has a high effect on casting shrinkage, especially for ductile cast iron castings and structurally complex castings with external quenching materials.

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