Chromite Sand for Ladle Drainage Sand

Chromite Sand for Ladle Drainage Sand can be used in casting, refractory materials, drainage sand, and metallurgy. The product has a good texture and high refractoriness. Chromite sand is a typical material to make drainage sand for steel ladle with a high pouring rate. Chrome ore is mainly produced in South Africa and India, among which South Africa’s chrome ore production accounts for 80% of the world’s total production. However, due to technical limitations, most South African chrome ore cannot meet the requirements for direct use in the foundry and metallurgy industry. Instead, Chromite sand from China can be used in the casting of steel parts after technical cleaning.

$300.00$500.00 / MT

Chromite Sand for Ladle Drainage Sand Features:

1. Heated Volume Stability

2. High thermal conductivity

3. Strong alkali resistance

4. Solid-phase sintering, non-sticking sand

Melting Point:Sublimes at 2180 ℃
Sintering point:>1800℃
Specific Gravity:4.0-4.8 g/cm3
Bulk density(LPD):2.5-3 g/cm3
Percentage of free acid present in the sand0%
The amount of acid≤2ML
Percentage of soil≤0.1
Percentage of Moisture≤0.1

Sizes for Chromite Sand for Ladle Drainage Sand

AFS 30-35,AFS35-40

Application of Chromite Sand for Ladle Drainage Sand:

Chromite Sand in the steel industry

In steel production, Chromite Sand has used filler to protect the sliding gate in large steel holding ladles.

In the chromium drainage sand, when the added amount of chromite is greater than 60%, the chromite is continuously distributed, and this distribution helps to form a continuous sintered layer. FeO in the chromite reacts to desolvate and form secondary spinel at high temperature, which causes the volume of the sintered layer to change and cracks. In this way, when the sliding plate is opened, the unsintered drainage sand under the nozzle will flow out quickly, and the cracks in the sintered layer will rapidly expand, The sintered layer is destroyed under the action of the static pressure of molten steel so that the purpose of automatic pouring can be achieved. Most large steel mills use chromium drainage sand, accounting for about 30% of the entire drainage sand for ladle, especially for the refined ladle.


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